Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalance

Do you suffer from painful, heavy or irregular periods, PMS, mood swings, fertility challenges, or menopausal hot flashes. These are just some of the problems that can occur when hormones are out of balance.

Many factors can disrupt the delicate balance of the female hormonal system. Some of these factors include: emotional stress, improper diet, inadequate rest, excessive physical or mental work, surgery, or exposure to the elements (cold, heat, dampness).

If you feel you may be experiencing issues related to hormone imbalance, acupuncture may be able to assist in the management of overcoming those challenges.

Your Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Acupuncture Coffs Harbour is only to happy to speak with you if you have any questions or concerns about whether acupuncture can help you to resolve your imbalances.

Call Acupuncture Coffs Harbour today to find out what we can do for your hormone imbalance.

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