Stress, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders

Stress, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders

Do you think things over and over, worry a lot or have a constant feeling of melancholy? Do you lack energy and always feel tired? Do you have a problem switching off at night? If you do, you may be suffering from stress, anxiety or a sleep disorder and YES, at Acupuncture Coffs Harbour, we can help !

According to the Anti-Depression Association of Australia:

  • One in three Australians suffer from stress
  • One in five Australians are on stress related medication
  • 50% of children suffer from depression, anxiety or and other stress related illness

Your Registered Acupuncturist, can help you to bring your body back into balance naturally, with a treatment plan designed to suit your specific needs. This may include the use of Herbal Medicine and or Dietary advice.

Call Acupuncture Coffs Harbour today to find out what we can do to alleviate you Stress, Anxiety or Sleep Disorder.

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