We provide treatment throughout the lifespan from pre conception care,  complaints of pregnancy, sporting and work injuries, back pain and other joint and muscle pain, men’s and women’s specific health issues, stress and tension, general health care, and complaints of ageing such as diminished mobility, pain and arthritis.

We offer a range of therapies through our team of  practitioners. Different therapies are often integrated to meet individual health needs.  Also have a look at our News and Resources tab for information and current research relating to some of the specific conditions we treat,

How often should I receive treatment?

Treatment efficacy depends on the severity and nature of the condition. Acute conditions may respond to 2 or 3 treatments, while chronic conditions may require a series of 5 to 15 treatments or more. Some degenerative conditions may require ongoing, long-term treatment. For healthy individuals with no complaints, preventive care may be achieved by receiving treatments at least once with each change of the season.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are hair-thin and flexible, not hollow; most patients don’t even feel them being inserted. What may be felt is a dull ache, or a warm intensity. Some patients don’t feel the needles at all. Each patient’s sensitivity to needles is different. Once all the needles have been inserted, most patients fall into a meditative or sleep-like state.

Are there any side effects ?

Mild side effects can occur such as light-headedness, dizziness and nausea which are transient. A small bruise can occasionally occur from the session which will disappear after a few days. Unusually, certain health conditions may flare for a short time afterwards which settle to an improved state which indicates an effective treatment. Acupuncture is very safe when performed by a Registered Acupuncturist. Any side effects should be reported to your therapist.

Should I tell my Doctor I am getting Acupuncture?

If you are currently receiving treatment from your doctor it is sensible to mention that you plan to have acupuncture. Similarly your acupuncturist will want to know of any medications, herbs or supplements you are taking as this may influence your response to the acupuncture treatment.